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Need great music to vibe with or play at your next party? Skip this article to the best playlist on Spotify, and don’t forget to follow it. It’s called Tomorrow’s Electro Pop and it’s packed with trending music, featuring songs by Marshmello, Halsey, and more. With hundreds of loyal listeners, it’s no wonder DJ’s are calling it 2018’s playlist to follow!

Tomorrow’s Electro Pop Spotify Playlist

Ever wonder why some of your friends seem to know the freshest songs before they become mainstream? This article will reveal the one Spotify playlist all listeners follow to stay on top of the best new music.

Fact: Electro-Pop is booming in popularity and you don’t want to get left behind!

A Simple Solution: Tune into the one place where people are discovering new songs every day from trending artists like Gryffin, Cheat Codes, and Marshmello — Tomorrow’s Electro Pop playlist on Spotify.

Whether you need music for casual listening, driving to work, zoning out in the subway, or hosting parties, TEP is here to help. Each song on the playlist is heavily reviewed and hand selected by the music channel and entertainment company, Remix Genie. They’re recommendations are sooooo good and spot on, listeners return every day to hear the new track of the day. Stop shuffling through bad playlists and follow the Tomorrow’s Electro Pop playlist on Spotify today!

Still not convinced to follow it?

Tomorrow’s Electro Pop includes the top up-and-coming electronic artists on Spotify. From Marshmellow to Illenium, you will know artists and songs before they’re famous.

Know what’s cool before it’s cool!

Call On Me” by Starley made Spotify’s top 10 back in June, 2017.

Guess what? It was on Tomorrow’s Electro Pop 10 months before in 2016…..

To stay updated on the best music around, follow the Tomorrow’s Electro Pop playlist on Spotify and “Remix Genie” on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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